Service (Why choose RUSTIQUE ITALIA?)

Direct production of strips and corner pieces

We cut whole bricks directly at our premises to produce strips and corner pieces that are 23 mm thick and able to ensure stability during the laying process, and perfect grouting.

We help you to visualise

Our service is not limited to just the sale and delivery of products; it also includes complete design in 2D or 3D, allowing you to see how your home will look with the products you have chosen.

We work with professionals

We provide the services of workers specialised in the laying of strips, fair-faced bricks, brick walls and flooring, and supply all the materials required for laying: like professional adhesive, mortar for joints and bricks, and stainless steel fittings.

High quality laying

Each building is different and can make laying awkward for various reasons, like the irregularity of the surfaces on which the bricks or strips are to be laid. For this reason, we offer our considerable expertise and a highly professional, all-round service and specialist personnel able to lay, and grout between bricks and strips, and resolve all difficulties encountered.


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If your project is relatively small, you will not need to look for a designer because we can offer complete design, of two different types:

2D design that gives you a good idea of the position and alignment (horizontal or vertical, e.g. below windows) of bricks, strips and floor tiles. Because 2D drawings are in black and white, we presume you have already chosen a specific type of brick or strip.

The purpose of design is, therefore, to help you if you require strips, fair-faced bricks or brick floor tiles laid but are unable to quickly find a designer to take on the project. In the case of small projects, we carry out complete design (also of the foundations) considering the manner in which to lay the bricks both indoors and in outdoor places (pavements, terraces, entrances, parking areas, etc.).

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3D design that allows you to see how your house will look in different colour combinations.

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  • 001_mikulec_03
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  • 002_tarabova_03
  • 002_tarabova_04
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  • toncova_carmine2-_3
  • toncova_carmine2-_4
  • toncova_castello2_-_1
  • toncova_castello2_-_2
  • toncova_castello2_-_3
  • toncova_castello2_-_4

No minimum orders

In order to best serve your needs, we do not set a minimum order value; so you can purchase as little as 1 box (1 sqm).


No long waits!

We always have at least 100-150 square metres of different types of fair-faced bricks in store, ensuring the immediate availability of a variety of products for our customers.
The strips are made by cutting whole bricks directly at our premises, and thanks to our high-efficiency machinery we can produce small runs of strips (up to 50 square metres) within just 24 hours; and we can deliver larger runs within 2-4 business days. In other words, you can choose any type of brick from among those available in stock and the strips will be ready within 4 business days at the most!
There are at least 80 square metres of 10 different types of brick floor tiles always in stock.

Any material not available in stock will be delivered within just 5 days

We guarantee the delivery of orders of fair-faced bricks and tiles that are not in stock but can be made available by our Dutch suppliers within 5 business days.
An additional 2 business days is required for strips.

Free storage service

We can store the materials you purchase in our warehouses, even for long periods, at no additional cost.


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